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Beurre Hardy is an excellent French variety that has exquisite fragrance, outstanding taste and divine, juicy texture. It is a strong tree that produces a heavy yield of large golden green skin with a slight russet appearance. The pears are produced during the middle of the harvesting season, from October, but can be harvested through to December. Best picked when hard and left to ripen in store.

This specimen is ready to plant into your garden on delivery or grown on in its container until you are ready to plant it. Once planted it will quickly establish itself and start producing a good crop of delicious fruit. The rootstock restricts the growth of the tree, so there's a maximum yield of accessible fruit from your pear tree and no need for ladders or climbing. It also only needs a small sunny space to thrive in your garden, in a pot on a patio or even on your balcony.

About Potted fruit trees

  • Potted fruit trees are the intermediate stage between bare root and container grown trees
  • They are bare root trees that have been grown on in containers for 3 – 6 months, developing a network of several primary roots and hundreds of fibrous roots.
  • Once planted they will establish their network of fibrous roots enabling the tree to take up more water and nutrients
  • Their root systems are fast growing and will quickly establish themselves within a season


  • Hardy flowers that cope with late spring frosts.
  • Pollinating Partner – Conference, Williams bon Chretien, Concorde, Doyenne du Comice
  • Resistant to Scab & frost resistant
  • Harvest October
  • Your ready to plant trees will arrive approximately 6ft tall in 7 litre pot.
  • Will produce fruit in the second season reaching optimum fruiting in the 5th year

Planting and Care Instructions

Position your fruit tree in a sunny, sheltered spot to help maximise fruit ripening and protect it from extreme and adverse weather conditions such as strong winds and harsh frosts.  

Digging the soil before planting is recommended to aerate the soil, break up compacted subsoil and improve drainage; you should also remove any perennial weeds and add organic matter such as well rotted garden compost at this point too.

The planting hole should be about one third wider than the root system and the same depth, so that the level of the soil is equal to that of the root system. Sprinkle in some fertiliser around the base and sides and lightly fork over to mix in and to allow for easy extension of the root system.

Place the tree in the hole ensuring that trunk is upright, then refill with the excavated soil. Gently press down with the heal of your boot to firm the soil and water in well.

When lifting the tree out of the pot the soil may fall away from the root. This is not an issue, simply use any excess compost to fill in the planting hole, When planting use the excess compost to fill in planting holes.

A newly planted tree should be watered once or twice a week during hot weather and less so during cool weather. This is dependent on soil type; if your soil is heavy clay you will find that you need to water less however if it is a light sand then you will have to water more often.



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excellent customer service...!! got some bad plants but was able to refund/get new plants easily.
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Even though I found one of the raspberry plant was unhealthy when it deliver, it is difficult to return and it will cost me more money, I have planted this plant in my garden for six weeks now and it is not glowing. I think I am wasted around seven pounds and it made me feeling a bit upset.