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Salad seeds

“Keep Sowing Your Cut-And-Come-Again Salad Seeds“

Continue making successional, little and often sowings of all salad and quick-maturing crops to ensure a regular supply throughout the summer. 

In hot weather, leafy salad crops may do better when sown in partially shady sites. Hot, dry weather can lead to bitter tasting leaves. Lettuce is best sown in the cool of the evening rather than when the sun is shining.

“Now Is The Time To Prune Your Plums And Cherries“

Wall-trained plums and cherries can be pruned this month. If pruned in winter or spring (while still dormant), they run the risk of getting silver leaf disease.

Any branches growing out away from the wall should be removed entirely.  

Pinching out tender shoot tips, plus any side shoots coming from the main stems, will prevent the trees from putting on too much leafy growth, ensuring good fruit production.

Prune your plumbs and cherries


“Strawberries Need Pampering If You Want To Enjoy The Juiciest Of Fruits“

Water your strawberries regularly, especially those plants growing in pots and feed weekly with a high potash liquid feed. 

Watch out for slugs and birds, which love them as much as we do. The easiest way to deter birds is to cover plants with netting. Put straw around strawberry plants growing in the ground to prevent soil splashing on to the fruit and spoiling it. Strawberries grown through black plastic don't need strawing.

If you need new strawberry plants, and providing your plants are healthy with no viruses, you can peg down the runners that develop on existing plants, to encourage them to root along the stem. Once rooted, the young plantlets can be severed from the runners and potted up individually and grown on ready for planting out in autumn. 

Pick over strawberries regularly, removing any fruit that has started to rot to prevent infection spreading to others.