All retailers of electrical and electronic equipment must enable their customers to dispose of their obsolete or unwanted electrical equipment so that it can be recycled in an approved manner.

Ideal Shopping Direct Limited belong to the national Distributor Take-back Scheme, through which unwanted electrical equipment can be returned free of charge to a Designated Collection Facility run by the local authority. All customers who wish to dispose of their old electrical equipment must take it to their nearest collection point. These can be located by contacting the environmental health department of your local authority, or by visiting the recycling website www.recycle-more.co.uk.

All new electrical equipment that you purchase from Ideal Shopping Direct is marked with the crossed wheelie-bin symbol shown below, to remind you that such goods must not be thrown away with normal household waste at the end of their working life. Please help us to help the environment by disposing of all your waste in a responsible manner.

Waste Batteries

Recycle More

Waste batteries must also be recycled, and must not be thrown away with normal household waste. As a retailer of batteries, Ideal Shopping Direct is legally obliged to offer a take-back facility for waste batteries.

Any customer who wishes to use this facility should contact our Customer Service Department (08431 680680) who will make arrangements for the batteries to be returned to us free of charge. Alternatively you may take them to your local authority waste recycling facility, as indicated above.

Waste Packaging

It is necessary to use robust packaging for our products, to minimise the risk of transit damage and ensure that the product gets to our customers in a satisfactory condition. We use recyclable packaging wherever practical, and encourage all our customers to recycle the packaging supplied with the product. Please utilise the waste collection and recycling service operated by your local authority, or take the waste packaging to a suitable recycling point.

Further information about the recycling of packaging can be found on the following websites: www.recyclenow.com, www.wrap.org.uk.